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CycloCross, Enduro, Freeride, Rennrad
I ride bikes for 38 years: ride hard - ride smart - drink coffee.
's-Hertogenbosch der Niederlande und Zillertaler Alps
Nature, trails, endless roads, freedom, the social social aspects and every bike ride is like a little travel.
With a plan to ride and on social rides: autumn/winter gravel - cross rides in the Netherlands, Spring: gravel, and MTB enduro. Fun is motivation, motivation is fun.
Get a bike and ride, ride & roll bikes and boards (ehhh Also slide, on snowboards)
follow your heart and get a bike. Then you will work to eat, eat to live, live to bike and from than bike to work.
I ride Licello's this is my own small Dutch bike brand/label. I don't have a enduro bike in the program yet, so no susspension... (but we are working an that)
Road: Cormet & Re-fuse where I survived the hardest road race with, the Paris Roubaix challenge! Gravel: Rambler, Raze CX just the right grip for me for where I ride. MTB: Ardent, Adventage, Minion, the best allround tires for my use at the Zillertal valley trails and on enduro trans alps.
8 Bar road 3.5 - 4 Bar cx 2.5 till 4 Bar MTB
All over Europe diversity makes it more fun.
To be and to stay healthy, so I can ride and do the sports and hobby's I like. Ride bikes and my board with friends, spend time alone and with friends and family.
The wheely - manual I can pull it on every bike I ride...
To much to tell... :)
I hate to throw food away... But also a lot of material stuff, recycle.
Life by it self is! And a lot more, as a kid on BMX races, same on my MTB. The last years I rode the Zillertaler Mt-climb championship on a 3th, 5th, and 8th place, at different road and MTB races I rode top 5, 6 places. That I'm qualified to participate in the UCI Amateur Road World Championships 2014! And right now that I started my own brand and still ride a lot.
Shaun Palmer, was an American professional snowboarder, skier, mountain biker, and motocross rider. "Palm Daddy" is known as one of the forefathers of extreme sports. PETER SAGAN! Sagan is considered one of cycling's greatest talents. Marianne Vos, just a champ in different bike disciplines and a great inspiration for woman cycling. And a lot more.
I survived a big avalanche. And I think I have every day a little bit of luck.
Ohhh a lot, Foo Fighters, Eagles of Death metal, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili peppers Rock. But also Jonny Cash, Jack Johnson and Rodriguez... Bob Marley.
Bike, helmet, Music, Sunglasses (Gloryfy) Pasport, vitamins-proteine powder, and luck.
Bob Marley, Malcolm x, Piet Mondriaan & Gaudi eeeeh thi's are four! Sorry
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